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09 February, 2014

Bible Dopes

Can the Bible be used to justify the use of marijuana?

If you look carefully at the bulk of the verses Mark Driscoll tries to use, you discover something important:   

Genesis 1:29 speaks of food – nourishment – and I highly doubt anyone uses marijuana as nourishment.

The same applies to Genesis 1:12 and 9:3 – marijuana isn’t nourishment.  Additionally, Genesis 1:12 and 29 speak of the world before the Fall, when there were no thorns and thistles – no weeds or offensive plants – for man to deal with.

Revelation 22:1-2 speaks of a time after the final destruction and restoration of earth, when the planet will be restored to an Edenic state, where nothing can injure us physically.

1 Timothy 4:1-3 is speaking, again, of nourishment – in this case, dietary laws of the Jews imposed on the sources of nourishment.

Matthew 15:11, again, is speaking of food – of nourishment – and I can pretty much guarantee you if you tried to utilize marijuana for nourishment, you’d definitely experience a defilement of the body.

Now, since we’re talking about nourishment, and Mr. Driscoll is comparing that to the use of marijuana, then I would ask him if, in his opinion, men and women ought to be able to use for nourishment these particular plants?  Note that the plants at the beginning of the list include parts of plants which we do use for food.

I doubt he would be so quick to say ‘yes’.

As to Luke 6:37, as the author points out, this is a ‘catch-all’ verse, used more often than not in order to silence opposition to sinful behavior.

Does the Bible condone marijuana use?  No; especially not in the way Mark Driscoll presented it.

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Debbie said...

I had not heard this argument, crazy. No way does the Bible condone use of marijuana

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