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07 February, 2014

Devolution of Man

This is a fascinating article by Wade Burleson, writing for Christian Post’s Guest Voices.  He uses examples from linguistics and education to show that, contrary to the popular belief that man is evolving into something greater, he is devolving into a previous state of being.

Here’s a snippet:
It takes only a moment to prove devolution. Take linguistics as an example. The languages of man devolve. They never evolve. Isaac Newton, in my estimation the greatest scientist to ever live, believed it essential for children to learn the classical languages (Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Greek, etc...) before the age of twelve. Newton, like my dear friend George Ella, believed superior human languages are in the past. Language is devolving. The oldest languages, like those of the ancient Sumerians and Hittites--and particularly the language of a Shemitic tribe called Hebrew--are highly complex and inflected languages. The Greek language did not evolve from grunts and groans and cave drawings to Homer's Illiad. Neither did The Song of Solomon evolve from Hebrew stick figures. Hebrew love poetry from Solomon is eloquent and extremely complex, surpassing the Hebrew literature of today. The languages of mankind have devolved over the centuries. Where are the Hebrew Solomon's of today? Where are the Greek Homer's of today? Where are the English Chaucers and Shakespeares of today?
One of the results of the "molecule to man" evolutionary approach to the education of children is a failed educational system. A belief in evolution turns children into cavemen where educators grunt at them. Teenagers turn into tawdry targets of leisure and intellectual laziness that educators tolerate. It's hard for the modern educators to understand that children in America and England just two hundred years ago were expected to read and learn the Bible and study and learn Greek and Latin in elementary school. The devolution of man continues.
Head on over and read the whole article.

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