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15 February, 2014

The Need to Discredit

Perhaps you’ve heard of the recent discovery of camel bones from the Arabah which radio-carbon dated to around 930 BC, placing them roughly 1000 years after the time the Bible says Abraham (for instance) would have even had camels.

This, of course, has made plenty of headlines – the majority of which gleefully postulate that the Bible is wrong; or, at a minimum, was written by someone other than Moses well after the dates the writings covered.

And yet, there’s ample evidence that camels were domesticated in the Levant and surrounding areas well before 930 BC.  Eric Lyons, Gordon Govier, and Ted Wright all point out the evidences; here’s a link to a paper written regarding domestication of camels in the Levant, as well – Mark Horne points out it was written back in 2010.

The logical fallacy in use here is called the appeal to ignorance.  And no, that doesn’t mean people are appealing to their own ignorance of the evidence (although, considering what we so often see when this happens, you could be forgiven for thinking that).  No, an appeal to ignorance is ‘… an argument for or against a proposition on the basis of a lack of evidence against or for it.’  And, in most cases, what we end up seeing is an argument against.

As in this case here.

And here’s where we see a double-standard: if you were to say, for instance, that ‘because of the lack of fossil evidence of transitional forms (missing links), those links never existed; therefore, evolution is only a hypothesis’, you might get off just being sprayed by spluttering spittle (worst-case, the person’s head explodes and you get soaked with brains and blood).  But the common rejoinder to this statement is (paraphrasing), ‘We just haven’t found those fossils yet.’

But that’s an unacceptable response when it comes to biblical archaeology – in fact, it seems unacceptable in most every case where the Bible is concerned.

The question is … why?

Because the Bible must be discredited.


Fear.  Plain old fear.

You see, it’s my sincere belief that those who want so desperately to discredit the Bible know deep in their souls that it’s true.  That being the case, they know that God has informed His creation of the specific requirements He has for us.  Those requirements, for many, are ‘just too hard’ – they want their freedom to do whatever they wish to do.  If they can discredit the Bible, they then can live the life they want without the specter of an all-powerful God watching their every move.

Why else do they fight so hard to discredit His word?  If they simply didn’t believe it, they would simply say, ‘I don’t believe’, and that would be enough.  But no, they fight against it, kicking against the goads, as Paul did (Acts 26:14).

They’re scared, and they take comfort in any attempt to falsify the word of God.

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