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18 February, 2014

This Is Getting Tiresome

Richard Tisei of Massachusetts, Dan Innis of New Hampshire, and Carl DeMaio of California are all Republican candidates for Congress.  They all have something else in common.

They’re all homosexual.

Danny Butcher, writing for Pundit Press, asks the question, ‘Can openly gay Republicans win elections and support of the party?  He points out:
Many conservatives understand and are comfortable with the fact that sexual preference has no bearing on the ability to form independent and credible thought with compassion, logic, and facts.
Then here’s my question: if this statement is true, why is it so damned important for these three men to reveal their homosexuality?  I mean, it was important enough for Mr. DeMaio to post a campaign video of himself with his partner and waving a rainbow flag. 

And then the disingenuous part: Mr. DeMaio follows that one up with the following statement:
"I think the most unique part of my candidacy is not that I'm gay but that I'm actually running on a record of getting substantial reform done."
If it’s not a unique part of your candidacy, sir, why was it prominent in your campaign video?

I’m going to go out on a limb, here.  I don’t think the sexual preference is the big issue, either.  The big issue, as far as I can see, is the emphasis people place on that sexual preference.  Start with Mr. DeMaio.  Go to GOProud’s website.  Go to Log Cabin Republican’s website.  What do you see?  ‘We’re GAY Republicans.’  They say their sexual preference doesn’t matter, yet, to them, it’s critical; if they weren’t ‘gay’ Republicans, they’d just be ‘Republicans’.

When you read articles about homosexual Republicans, in most cases the comment sections are filled with ‘who cares?’ and/or ‘so what?’.  That’s the point: voters are, I think, getting extremely tired of hearing about their potential candidates’ sex-lives. 

Food for thought: if a candidate for political office went around introducing themselves as heterosexual, how long would it take before you got sick and tired of hearing them describe themselves that way?   And once you’d gotten sick of them, how willing would you be to vote for them, regardless of their political positions?

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Steve Burri said...

It's the same with the announcements by pro basketball and football players. Very tiresome, indeed.