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15 March, 2014


Bill Maher is back on another anti-God rampage, once again calling God a ‘psychotic mass murderer’.

Why does Bill Maher have so much hatred for someone he doesn’t believe exists?  Because he says he doesn’t – he calls himself an atheist, after all.

But Bill Maher is no atheist – he’s an ‘anti-theist’, and a reasonably influential one since he has his own show on television (granted, it’s on HBO and not on the regular cable networks).  And as I’ve written in the past, I call Mr. Maher an ‘anti-theist’ because I see a belief in the existence of God in his words and actions, since no one in their right mind carries as much hate as he does for a fairy-tale creation.

Why does Mr. Maher (and he’s not alone) hate God so much?  Well, how much are you going to like someone whom you never see and never hear, but know sees your every thought, word, and deed, and will eventually call you to account for every word and act you’ve performed throughout your lives?  How much will you like someone who has rules which constrain your desires, such as rules against lying, coveting, and indulging in sexual intercourse whenever, wherever, and with-whomever you wish?

Yeah, I think eventually you’ll come to hate someone like that – or, at the very least, consider him or her as a prison jailer you cannot bribe or coerce.

Look carefully at this quote from the article:
Maher — who is atheist and produced an anti-religion film years ago — said he believes that the tale of Noah’s ark is not only false, but also “immoral.”

“It’s about a psychotic mass murderer who gets away with it and his name is God,” he said.
1) If the ark story is false, as Mr. Maher claims, how can it be used to consclude that God is a ‘psychotic mass-murderer’?  2) If God doesn’t exxist, as Mr. Maher claims, ad hominem attacks are beyond silly, aren’t they?  Don’t you have to have an actual existent being to use that kind of argument?  3) Mr. Maher’s use of epithets and obscenities when speaking of God signals that he’s out of real arguments for his position.

You know, I actually feel sorry for Mr. Maher.  To put so much time and energy into hating something you say you don’t believe exists is a pitiful waste of time.

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