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10 March, 2014

Just A Weentsy Bit Fraudulent

Well, it looks like the Ground Zero Cross is on its way to court yet again.  David Silverman and his American Atheists keep getting their teeth kicked in over this, but they just keep trying.

I’ll give them an A for effort; for their honesty, though, they get a failing grade.

Mr. Silverman keeps saying he’s open to ‘equal representation’ at the site:
“This is neither artifact nor art — it is a Christian shrine, made to service Christians and place Christianity above others at the memorial,” he said. “Assertions to the contrary are simply dishonest — this is a Christian cross on public land, paid for with public money, and that means we are entitled to equal representation — they can take the cross out or include atheists.”


Silverman said that he is open to a compromise that would allow atheist representation to be included in the museum, but that non-believers do not want to be excluded. (emphases mine)
Here's the fraud: how can they be open to 'equal representation' when, in fact, they have nothing to offer to represent them?
It is unclear what this secular symbol or representation would look like.
The ambiguity as to this 'secular symbol' is, IMO, not an accident.  Mr. Silverman's stated goal is to either '...take the cross out or include atheists'.  But they can't include an atheist symbol, because they don't have one to offer.

What's left when they can't be included?

'[T]ake the cross out ...'.

And that's their true goal - elimination of all public displays of religion.

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