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20 March, 2014

Phelps Dead

Well, it looks like old Fred Phelps, Senior, founder of the Westboro ‘Baptist’ Church anti-gay cult masquerading as a Christian organization, has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Since the story of his illness and impending death hit the news, an interesting story popped up: allegedly, Phelps Senior was excommunicated from the church vile, hate-filled cult ‘after advocating a kinder approach between church members’, whatever that means; it might mean something that Nate Phelps, who has been estranged from the church vile, hate-filled cult, mentioned in the Topeka Capitol Journal (hat tip The Blaze): ‘that some church members are anxious about being labeled as “contrary” to church teaching — or of other possible judgement (sic).’  If this is true, then at least there are some folks within that organization who may very well know that the Bible doesn't say what the Phelpses are saying, and that God really doesn't hate fags ... and they're afraid to say so.

For all the evil and vile things Fred Phelps and his Church anti-gay cult masquerading as a Christian organization has done (and they are legion, for they are many), one positive that Christians can take is that they provide a sterling and stellar example of what Christianity isn’t and what it never should become.

And whatever your feelings about Fred Phelps’ eternal situation at this time, I can say that there’s no sense in praying for his soul anymore – it’s currently receiving its due.

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