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28 March, 2014

Sacrificing Your Beliefs

As a Christian, which of your beliefs are you ready to sacrifice when you step into the voting booth?

Dr. Russell Moore thinks it ought to be homosexual marriage, I guess.

How can I say that?  I’m just reacting to his own words, given to a reporter at a ‘a conference of journalists organized by the Ethics and Public Policy Center’.

Moore noted that evangelicals are "beginning to realize that American culture is moving toward same-sex marriage."

"We have been saying, 'Look, same-sex marriage is inevitable in American culture," Moore continued. "It doesn't mean we should stop talking about it … It means we need to start preparing our churches for a new generation."
’Same sex marriage is inevitable in American culture’.  You know what that is?  That’s a flag of surrender.  Which is why I wonder why he thinks we shouldn’t stop talking about it.  I mean, what’s the point?  You don’t discuss or talk about something that’s ‘inevitable’ simply because all the talk and action in the world won’t stop it, so your talk becomes empty wind.

Instead of fighting on the hill of homosexual marriage, Dr. Moore says we ought to fight on the hill of religious liberty:
Moore, a strong supporter of traditional marriage, was asked what his ideal presidential candidate would say about the issue.

"I would want a presidential candidate who understands the public good of marriage," Moore answered, "and one who is not hostile to evangelical concerns, and who is going to protect religious liberty and freedom of conscience." To illustrate such protections of liberty, Moore mentioned ensuring that Catholic adoption agencies are allowed to place children only in traditional-marriage homes.
But even he acknowledges that his own illustrations aren’t likely to happen:
Moore's position fits perfectly with a recent assessment by the Washington Examiner's Tim Carney: "Conservatives see religious liberty arguments as the last redoubt in the culture war: You guys won your gay marriages, permissive abortion laws, taxpayer-subsidized birth control, and divorce-on-demand; let us just live our lives according to our own consciences."

Carney is under no illusion that culture warriors on the Left will allow that to happen. Neither is Moore. He responded with a quick "no" when asked whether he believes pro-gay-marriage activists, the ones who identified test cases and filed lawsuits and pushed the issue from state to state, will now just step back and allow, say, religious adoption agencies to operate according their beliefs. (emphasis mine)
What’s missing from Mr. Carney’s list?  Forcing churches to celebrate homosexual marriages.  And don’t think it’s not going to happen: it’s already happening in England, and with all the lawsuits in our own country forcing Christians to kowtow to homosexuals, it’s only a matter of time before it happens here.
Attacks on religious liberty are already well underway, Moore noted. But evangelicals must "recognize where the country is right now." Having an old-style political fight on gay marriage — for example, pushing for a one-man-one-woman constitutional amendment — is "a politically ridiculous thing to do right now." Instead, Moore said, "We have to be ready for these religious liberty issues before they hit us."
Two things here: first, look at the first and last sentences of that paragraph.  How are evangelicals – Christians in general, actually – supposed to ‘be ready for these religious liberty issues before they hit when they’re already hitting us?  That’s like running for the bomb-shelter after the bombs are already dropping on your house.  Second, according to Dr. Moore, Christians and evangelicals are supposed to ‘recognize where the country is right now’.  And where is the country ‘right now’?  ‘American culture is moving toward same-sex marriage.’  So Christians are to take their cues from society, I guess.  Forget that whole salt-and-light thing, forget that we’re to be in the world but not of the world; just look at what society’s doing and play along, I guess.

Society says abortion is a right. Ought Christians fight on that hill, or not?

How about fornication? Theft? Lying? Murder?

I mean, which of your beliefs are you willing to sacrifice next?

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