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14 April, 2014

Jesus’ Twin Brother

Ready for this one, folks?

In a nearly-four-hundred-page doctoral dissertation, Dr. Robert Greg Cavin tries to convince people that it wasn’t Jesus whom the disciples and apostles saw after the crucifixion; it was his unknown twin brother.

Yep.  Forget about that mass hallucination stuff; forget about the wrong-tomb, theft of the body, swoon, spiritual-resurrection-only, and the legendary/mythical resurrection hypotheses – this one is the hypothesis which answers the question of whether Jesus really rose from the dead.

Yeah, after I read it I was banging my head against the desk, too.

Look, if you profess to believe in God, and yet you dismiss or deny any sort of miraculous happenings driven by God Himself (as His Son’s resurrection was), I’m thinking you ought to re-assess your professed belief.  Or, as the author of the article points out:
What Cavin and skeptics/atheists miss about the incredible nature of Christ’s resurrection is this: That’s the whole point of the event! (emphasis in the original)

Man, I tell ya.  Easter and Christmas sure do bring the oddballs out of their hidey-holes, don’t they?

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