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21 April, 2014

Reading Out Loud

Have you seen this one yet?
MAURICE RIVER TWP. — A Cumberland County woman argues that the state Motor Vehicle Commission’s alleged denial of issuing an “8THEIST” license plate violated her First Amendment rights, according to a lawsuit filed on Thursday.

Shannon Morgan, of the Leesburg section in Maurice River Township, identifies herself as an atheist, according to the lawsuit, and attempted to personalize her license plate to read "8THEIST."

“There is nothing offensive about being atheist,” Morgan said. “I should be able to express my sincerely held beliefs with a license plate just like everyone else.”
And I agree with her; there’s no reason that I can think of to deny her her choice to put her ‘sincerely-held beliefs’ on her license plate.

But here’s the problem: if you read her license-plate choice out loud, what do you get?

That’s right: ‘Ate theist’.

I can totally get behind denying a license plate which advocates and/or promotes cannibalism targeting religious people.

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