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23 April, 2014

Trying To Ram The Genie Back Into The Bottle

So, back in January, Colorado’s new legalized pot hit the streets.

Two people have died so far, and there’s every indication that marijuana was the driving factor.

So what are Colorado legislators planning?

They’re planning on more legislation, this time to ‘tighten laws governing the sale of marijuana-infused edibles’.

If you read the article, though, you’ll note that it wasn’t lack of legislation, or labeling, or warnings, or anything else that’s the problem; the problem is the availability of pot-laced ‘edibles’, like cookies, brownies, and suckers.

‘Course, none of this legislation is going to help out the two dead people, will it?  Nor will it help their families.

And you can bank on it that, no matter how ‘tight’ those new laws are, it’s not going to stop the deaths.

Colorado legislators, you’ve released the genie; now you want to ram him back into the bottle.

Good luck with that.

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