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20 May, 2014

Gettin’ Real Tired Of This

By now, you’ve probably heard that Mitch McConnell beat Matt Bevin in the Kentucky GOP Senate Primary.  And we’re already hearing – even from some ostensibly conservative sites (which I won’t name) that even though this stinks on ice, we have to rally together and we need to support McConnell against the democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

In the words of some of my friends, STFU, clownshoes.

Listen, I’ve finally hit the wall with this crap.  We’re being asked – no, we’re being ordered – to be conservative up to the primary, and if our candidate loses, we’re then ordered to dispense with our principles and vote for the Republican – whomever he or she might be.

Maybe there are folks out there who can shelve their conservatism – considering some of the elections we’ve seen, there are a goodly number of them; I’m not one of them.

Mitch McConnell is on record as ready to crush the TEA Party.  But he still wants your votes – then you can get in the back of the bus, shut up, and leave him to do his thing.

Answer this: why in the hell should we give our votes to somebody who hates us and what we stand for?  That’s like buying dinner for the guy who breaks your legs with a baseball bat.

Are conservatives supposed to be masochists? 

I’m tired of ‘taking one for the team’ when the team could care less.

If people like Mitch McConnell hate conservatives that much, then they don’t deserve our votes.  Live, survive, and win with your own base, bucko – because you don’t deserve our votes.

Yeah, yeah, I know; ‘not voting is like voting for the Democrat’.  Here’s your choice: Democrat, or Democrat Lite; take your pick.  And every freakin’ time we’re ordered to pinch our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils, the Republican Party sees it as an affirmation of their misguided nonsense: ‘See?  They voted for the left-moderate squish – that means that’s what they want!'

As P.J. O’Rourke wrote, ‘Don't vote, it just encourages the bastards’.

So, what happens if you simply refuse to vote?  Sure, the Democrat might win.  The Democrat might even win a seat that was officially considered a Republican shoo-in.  Will that wake the Republican Party apparatchiks up?  If it happens often enough, I think it would.

The downside to that is having to live with Democrat rule for at least two years (until the next election cycle), but I think that’s survivable.  Lord, folks, we’ve survived 6 years of Obama.

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