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27 May, 2014

Ironic Irony

They just don’t get it, and they keep beclowning themselves because of it.

At their commencement ceremony this year, Louisiana Tech decided to honor their famous graduate, Phil Robertson (of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty fame).

Needless to say his obvious homophobic bigotry upset the wilting violets of the school’s LGBTQ group, Prism; Prism took to Twitter to voice to the world their outrageous outrage with the hashtag, #NoHonorInBigotry.

Yeah, that’s what they called it: #NoHonorInBigotry.

In order to fight their perception of bigotry, they called for their own bigotry against Mr. Robertson to be displayed by all and sundry.

Kids?  You’re right; there’s no honor in bigotry.

But you really don’t get the whole concept of it, do you?

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