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28 May, 2014

The Elimination Of Marriage

I get a kick out of the contortions homosexual marriage advocates go through when they try to convince us that homosexual marriage won’t destroy traditional marriage, even though they have to redefine ‘marriage’ to get it to work.

Jay Michaelson, writing at The Daily Beast, tries this same thing, and ends up (at least IMO) shooting himself in the foot.  He asks,
What would happen if gay non-monogamy—and I’ll include writer Dan Savage’s “monogamish” model, which involves extramarital sex once a year or so—actually starts to spread to straight people? Would open marriages, ’70s swinger parties, and perhaps even another era’s “arrangements” and “understandings” become more prevalent? Is non-monogamy one of the things same-sex marriage can teach straight ones, along with egalitarian chores and matching towel sets?
And here’s the money-quote:
the future of marriage, in fact, may turn out to be a lot like the Christian Right’s nightmare: a sex-positive, body-affirming compact between two adults that allows for a wide range of intimate and emotional experience.  Maybe instead of jealousy, non-monogamous couples will cultivate “compersion” to take pleasure in their partners’ sexual delight.
You don’t need marriage for this; in fact, marriage is anathema to this.  Marriage is ‘a consensual and contractual relationship’; in order to experience all the things in that blockquoted paragraph, you need to not be married so that you don’t break the contract.  Unless you re-define marriage to include multiple partners.

And that’s called polygamy and polyandry, so that would be the next thing that would have to go – something homosexual-marriage advocates strenuously deny.
So, if I had to predict, I’d go with a gradual realization of the conservative nightmare—only it won’t be a nightmare, and plenty of straight people will thank us for it. Maybe gays will preserve marriage precisely by redefining, expanding, and reforming it—and maybe then it can be palatable to progressives, as one of a multitude of options.
Oh, I’m sure plenty of straights will go for it: sex with no commitment – gimme more of that, right? 

And as for preserving marriage, I’m sure it will.  After being redefined, expanded, and reformed, marriage will be preserved – in a jar of Formalin on the shelf at the Museum of Natural History alongside other artifacts for people to goggle at and wonder about.

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