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04 May, 2014

To The Mattresses!*

I’ll assume you haven’t heard about this little fiasco:
A satanic group commissioned a statue of the devil, raising money to pay a sculptor who it won't identify, as a way of protesting the Sooner State's placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the Statehouse lawn in Oklahoma City.
And, of course:
Oklahoma officials say there is no way in hell that a statue of Satan will ever assume a position at the Capitol.
But back in the day, there was a group of pagans who stole a religious relic from a  group of monotheists and placed that relic at the foot of a statue of one of their gods.

The next morning, the statue was face-down on the floor in front of the monotheist’s religious relic.

So the pagans set the statue back up.  And, again, the next morning, the statue was face-down on the floor of the temple – this time with its head and hands broken off. (1)

I wonder if God would display His power in that way in Oklahoma?



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