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06 June, 2014

Changing Definitions

Saw this today:
MADISON, Wis.  – A federal court has overturned a state ban on same sex marriage and the Dane County Clerk plans to stay open late to issue licenses.
With a single swipe of her liberal activist gavel, Judge Barbara Crabbe functionally destroyed the definition of marriage in the state of Wisconsin.

I’m curious to see your reaction when polygamists, polyandrists, and people who wish to marry their dogs/cats/canaries/horses/suitcases/homes/office buildings/whathaveyou show up demanding their ‘right’ to marry whomever – or whatever – they profess to love.  I want to see you tell them no; I really do.  And then I want to see them ram this ruling down your throat, lady.  This ruling of yours set a precedent: that marriage can be defined – and redefined – at the whim and will of whomever wishes.

Think I’m kidding?  Look at the progression so far:

From – the traditional definition of marriage: The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife.

To – the definition to include same-sex couples: The legal union of two people who profess to love each other.

How much more is there to do to change it to this: The legal union of two or more people.

That’s the definition which includes polyandrist and polygamist groups.  And they’re already arguing for legalization of polygamy in Utah and are upset about a New Hampshire law which they say ‘specifically embeds in state statutes bigotry against polygamists’.
Sooner, rather than later, the word ‘marriage’ will entirely cease to have any meaning at all.  And everyone will have activist judges like you to thank for it.

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