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24 June, 2014

Damage Control

I certainly don’t envy the next President of our country.  I certainly hope he or she gets at least two terms, since whomever sits that seat is going to be spending most of their first term repairing the international relations our current administration has pretty much destroyed. 

Recently: John Kerry, in a speech at a ‘Pride’ event at the State Department, said that ‘the federal government recognizes same-sex marriages of foreign diplomats stationed in the U.S., and it expects all other countries to do the same in their treatment of U.S. personnel deployed abroad.’
“Let me be clear: We oppose any effort by any country to deny visas for spouses of American staff,” he said. “It’s discriminatory, it’s unacceptable, it has no place in the 21st century.”
I want you to take a close look at the following:
According to Amnesty International, homosexuality is illegal in 38 out of Africa’s 54 countries, including countries with strong relationships with the U.S.

Further, sex between men is punishable by death in a number of countries, in Africa and elsewhere, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Mauritania, Sudan and Nigeria’s shari’a-governed northern states.
If the State Department forces this on them, how many of them do you think will be forcibly ejecting US ambassadors, staff, and closing embassies in their countries?  And considering the Benghazi disaster, how many of those countries won’t even blink at the idea of assassinating an ambassador of the US – after all, Christ Stevens was slaughtered and all our State Department did was apologize.

Our current administration has made the United States a laughingstock and a joke worldwide.

That’s our President’s legacy.

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Right Truth said...

We already had one gay ambassador and he was tortured, raped, and killed in Benghazi.

Right Truth