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07 June, 2014

Poor Kristen

Kristen Powers wrote an article for USA Today titled ‘Christianity’s new look on gays’, and it looks as if she’s gone and stepped in it.  Doug Giles, Gary DeMar, Dr. Michael Brown, and others have weighed in on her article, pointing out the obvious flaws in her arguments and those of the people she quotes.  Dr Brown, in fact, pretty succinctly sums up the problem:
[T]he only way a professing Christian “can support life-long, monogamous gay relationships” is by ceasing to be a conservative Christian, ceasing to be an orthodox believer, and completely undermining their commitment to biblical authority.
Gary DeMar and others have labeled Ms powers as a ‘new Christian’, but when you consult that bastion of unbiased information, Wikipedia, you find that she became a Christian ‘[i]n her mid-30s’; her birth year (1969) would put her age now in her mid-40’s.  This means she’s been a professing Christian for around a decade.  Does that make her ‘new’?  IMO, her ‘new’-ness has little to do with the duration of her profession, and much more to do with her grasp of Scripture – which, as the above-mentioned authors point out, is woefully inadequate to the task of becoming a spokesperson for the faith.  Combine that with admissions she has made in previous interviews that she ‘… grew up in the Episcopal Church in Alaska, but my belief was superficial and flimsy. It was borrowed from my archaeologist father, who was so brilliant he taught himself to speak and read Russian. When I encountered doubt, I would fall back on the fact that he believed’.

Now, coming from atheism to Christianity is a big leap, but depending on whom her teacher was, she ought to have at least a functional grasp of what the Bible says – that is, if her teacher has a good grasp of Scripture.  In another interview she says she ‘…became an evangelical Christian (though she prefers the label “orthodox Christian” due to the baggage associated with “evangelical”).’  I can agree to a certain extent that the term ‘evangelical’ has some bad baggage in its trunk; as far as calling herself an orthodox Christian (and not of the Eastern Orthodox persuasion, mind), however, shows she really doesn’t seem to grasp what the term orthodox means (conforming to the usual beliefs or established doctrines).

So the question here is, who’s teaching Ms Powers about Christianity?  Whomever it is, either they haven’t much of a grasp of Scripture, or they do and she’s simply not listening.  Either way, Ms Powers is doing something that far too many professing Christians have done, do, and continue to do – refashioning Christianity to suit themselves.

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