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14 June, 2014

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When you read an opening paragraph like this, you just know the rest of the reasoning is going to chase its own tail until you’re dizzy:
Despite claiming in a statement Tuesday that "religious freedom and spirituality are alive and thriving" on the campus, Bowdoin College, a private liberal arts school in Maine, insisted Friday that Christian groups on campus will lose their recognition status if homosexuals cannot become members or allowed to vie for leadership.

You know where the discrimination Bowdoin is screaming about comes from?  Not from the membership policies of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Bowdoin Christian Fellowship – they have no ‘formal admissions standards. These are students who meet on a regular basis and invite all of the students who come[.]’  So that’s not the problem.

No, the problem is that IVCF and BCF have leadership standards – those are the discriminatory ones.  Leaders of both groups must ‘be Christian, chaste and to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman’.

GASP!!!  Oh, the horror, the horror. 

I gotta wonder, though.  What about a Jewish student group demanding their leadership be strictly Jewish?  Or a campus Muslim group demanding their leadership be strictly Muslim?  I’ve got the distinct feeling the former group would be allowed to do so with little argument from Admin, and the latter group, well, the subject wouldn’t even come up.

So, why would a homosexual even want to be a member of IVCF or BCF?  Scott Hood, the college’s talkinghead ‘vice president for communications and public affairs’, doesn’t know – but if they want to become leadership, then IVCF and BCF must allow them to run for the office, even though ‘nobody is saying they get to run the place’.


He likens the situation to ‘a Democrat seeking to join a Republican group on campus’ and says
"If a Democrat chooses to join the college Republicans as a member that's fine, and if that student wants to put his or her name on the ballot to seek a leadership position they should be able to do that. They are probably not gonna be elected to lead the Republicans[.]"
Except that if that Democrat ran and lost, the DNC isn’t going to be banging on Bowdoin’s door demanding the Democrat be installed as leader anyway.

How naïve is Mr. Hood in thinking that, should a homosexual run for a leadership position in either the IVCF or the BCF (or both) and lose, that GLSEN and/or GLAAD won’t be slapping lawsuits on Bowdoin College to force IVCF and BCF to install – against their own member’s vote – homosexual leaders, all the while screaming homophobia at the tops of their lungs?

I guess the air really is rarefied up there on top of the ivory tower.

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