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22 July, 2014


University of Wisconsin Faculty Votes to Apportion Grades by Race
According to W. Lee Hanson, a UW economics professor who studied what the university calls the ‘Framework for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence’ he noted something ‘profoundly disturbing’.

Buried in the language is this paragraph:
It [the framework] calls for “proportional participation of historically underrepresented racial-ethnic groups at all levels of an institution, including high status special programs, high-demand majors, and in the distribution of grades.” (emphases mine)
And that’s racist.


One: grading is now based, not on academic achievement, but on skin-color and national origin (aka, race).

Two: artificially inflating grades for minority students is a tacit statement by university and college administrators that they do not believe minority students are capable of high academic achievement – they’re too stupid and/or lazy to get good grades; this is a racist attitude.

Three: artificially inflating grades feeds into this ‘stupid and/or lazy’ mentality in that, if someone (and I don’t care what skin color they have) is told that regardless the effort they put out, they’re going to get a good grade, there definitely is no incentive to achieve.

Four: artificially inflating grades for minority students puts them in a predicament once they’ve graduated from college – potential employers see, for instance, a 3.5 GPA on their application, and will assume the applicant is capable of commensurate responsibility and work-load.  When the employer finds out the applicant is incapable of performing at the expected level, the employer will either fire the applicant or demote the applicant to a position more in line with their abilities. 

And that’s an ego-crusher for sure.

Colleges and universities have had to provide remedial basic education courses for incoming freshmen simply because high schools across the country have decided to artificially inflate grades; they ought to know it doesn’t work, and yet they’re ready, willing, and able to do it to their own minority students (at least UW-Madison is).

It’s obvious policies like this are not in the interest of the students – lying to minority students about their capabilities and handing out high grades that are unearned is nothing more than racist pandering.  Artificial grade inflation does nothing more than keep minorities down.

And that’s racist.

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