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03 July, 2014

This Won’t Solve Anything

House Republicans should pass bill allowing over-the-counter birth control sales
Why do I say this won’t solve anything?

I’ll give you a name.

Sandra Fluke.

Remember her?  Remember her ‘problem’?  She allegedly couldn’t afford birfth control.  And plenty of people pointed out that, if you could afford to go to Georgetown University, you could afford a nine-buck box of condoms.

And guess what?  I found an ever better deal – Walmart, 144-count of Durex ™ condoms.  Ready?  Thirty-five bucks.  That works out to twenty-five cents a piece.

She couldn’t afford quarter-condoms???????????????????????

No, that wasn’t the point – she didn’t want to pay for her birth control at all!  She wanted free birth control.

So writing up a bill to allow purchases of birth-control pills over-the-counter will not fly.


Because the point is to get your birth control for free.


As was pointed out by a FB Friend, this actually might force them to be honest about their desires.  Of course, they'd likely just whip out the tired old meme 'WAR ON WOMEN' or some-such nonsense.

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