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10 July, 2014

Unintentional Boomerang

From the Daily Caller:
Obama’s Spiritual Advisor Jim Wallis Goes On Race Rant
In a nutshell…

Jim Wallis believes all white people are racist.
Jim Wallis is a white person.
Therefore, Jim Wallis is a racist.

Jim Wallis believes white people have benefited from white privilege.
Jim Wallis – being white – has benefited from racist white privilege.
White privilege is racist.
Therefore, Jim Wallis is racist.

Jim Wallis believes racists should not be allowed a public forum.
Jim Wallis is white; he is, by his own definition, a racist.
Therefore, Jim Wallis should not be allowed a public forum.

Mr. Obama had a race-baiting black preacher as a spiritual advisor.
Mr. Obama has a race-baiting white preacher as a spiritual advisor.
Both these men – Jeremiah Wright and Jim Wallis – share initials of their names: JW.


James Wallis is a Progressive social activist, using the mantle of religion in an attempt to lend credence to his agenda.  He is, therefore, a false prophet and a liar.

And that’s all he is.

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Debbie said...

Using religion, that says it all doesn't it.


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