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12 August, 2014

This Ain’t Your Father’s Science, Kids

In fact, it ain’t even the science I learned 25 years ago.

Apparently, trying to find a quick and dirty way to show how ‘global warming’ happens, Al Gore teamed up with Bill Nye, who’d made a video:
Nye’s “simple” experiment involved sealing thermometers inside two identical bottles, which were sealed. To illustrate the effects of increased carbon dioxide on temperature, Nye fits a hose from a CO2 canister into one of the bottles. Both bottles are then placed placed under heat lamps.

“Within minutes you will see the temperature of the bottle with carbon dioxide in it rising faster and higher,” Nye said in his video experiment. “The bottles are like our atmosphere, the lamps are like our sun.”
I imagine that Mr. Nye’s carbon dioxide bottle has a concentration of that gas much higher than that of the Earth itself – approximately 0.04% of the bottle’s interior volume; this alone drops a wrench into the intimation that this experiment shows how ‘global warming’ works.

Something else is missing: there are things on Earth which take carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen and a little water vapor and sugars – they’re called green plants.  I didn’t read about any green plants being put into the carbon dioxide bottle.

And the constant motion of Earth’s atmosphere mixes the gases which make it up, thereby bringing those gases to an equilibrium – unlike two sealed bottles which don’t allow any kind of ‘atmosphere’ movement inside them.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.  This, folks, is what happens to science when you start with a pre-determined result and try to get the data to fit it.

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