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10 September, 2014

Actors Say The Darndest Things

Adding additional evidence to my hypothesis that some actors and actresses are nincompoops if they aren’t reading off a script:
The “Christian Right” is not only “homophobic” but also actively experiments on gays with science, according to “Sherlock” actor Benedict Cumberbach.
Apparently, playing the ‘world’s greatest detective’ hasn’t improved Mr. Cumberbach’s investigative skills; if it had, he would have collected his ‘data, data, data’ and made his bricks out of clay, rather than spit, pinfeathers, and hysteria.  He would have discovered, perhaps much to his chagrin, that the only ‘violence’ (and I use the term very loosely) the so-called ‘Christian Right’ has done to homosexuals is taking a small hammer to their crystalline egos.

If Mr. Cumberbach would really like to see violent homophobia, all he need do is to look at what’s happening in the Middle East, where those fun-loving ‘extremist’ Islamists are stringing homosexuals up by their necks on cranes.

But, of course, reality is something Mr. Cumberbach – and, sadly, plenty of others in Hollywood – are almost entirely unfamiliar with.

Perhaps it’s because they make their livings memorizing and regurgitating other peoples’ words.

Food for thought.

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