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16 October, 2014

Gone Fishin’ ***UPDATE***

Someone one said, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’.  But something tells me whomever said that never experienced the fury of a lesbian scorned.

Down Houston way, somebody opened up a can of worms (hat tip Ian Tuttle):
Earlier this year [openly-lesbian Mayor Annise] Parker, a Democrat, spearheaded the passage of an “Equal Rights Ordinance” (ERO) that added “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the city’s non-discrimination provision, which includes, among other things, “public accommodations” — for example, restrooms. Citizens, among them church leaders, balked. They launched a referendum petition that, with the requisite 17,269 signatures, would require the city council to repeal the ERO, or to put the measure up for a vote. They obtained 55,000 signatures. The city secretary, who has sole responsibility for certifying such petitions, signed off.

Enter Houston city attorney David Feldman, who, with no legal authority, disqualified 38,000 signatures. Names that were printed, rather than written in cursive, were discarded; names that were written in cursive were considered illegible — just enough names to get the petition below the 17,000-signature requirement, at which point the city council and Mayor Parker rejected it. And several citizens sued.

But the city’s shenanigans had only just begun. Unsatisfied with violating the rights of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, the City of Houston has subpoenaed privileged communications of five pastors (none of them party to the lawsuit) who helped to organize the petition drive. Among other information, the city is requesting communications between the pastors and their attorneys pertaining to the ERO lawsuit, communications between the pastors and their congregants, and even the pastors’ sermons.
It’s almost needless to say that this got the attention of a great number of people, including Todd Starnes, Tim Brown, Bryan Preston, George Upper of BizPac Review, Michael Brown, Senator Ted Cruz and others.  Because of the bad press, the mayor and her minions look to be trying to backpedal on the subpoenas (hat tips Katherine Driessen and Ed Morrissey, who points us to Eugene Volokh for some legal analysis.

Terms like ‘witch-hunt’, ‘fishing expedition’, homofascism, ‘“Big Brother” overlords’ … well, you get the point.  As pointed out by Christiana Holcomb, Alliance Defending Freedom litigation counsel, “The city council and its attorneys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions.”

Nobody expects the Houston City Inquisition, I guess.

But the pastors have, for all intents and purposes, told Mayor Torquemada Parker and her henchman in the City Attorney’s office to pound sand – they will not comply with the subpoenas.  And with all the negative publicity falling on the mayor and her cronies, they ought to choose wisely their next move: as Ian Tuttle closes his article, ‘Does Parker think this gambit will succeed? If so, she must not be well acquainted with her state’s history. When it comes to defending their rights, Texans are not an easygoing bunch. Thankfully.’


Seems the Texas Attorney General decided to spank Mayor Torquemada Parker, too.

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Debbie said...

As I think you said, she is going after "speeches" now and preachers don't make speeches.

Glad they are nipping this in the bud.

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