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02 October, 2014

Okay, Okay We Get It

It’s the silly season once again, folks: a month until we enter the booth and pull the lever (or fill in the dot) for yet another midterm election.  And, like every election season since 2008, we’re being given ‘encouragement’ from Republican backers to just ‘suck it up and walk it off* because, ya know, this election is ‘a corrective one, and it is part of a multi-cycle correction of the drastically horrible mistakes of the 2006 and 2008 election cycles’.

So we’d just d@mned-well better pull the lever for the ‘R’, because, you know, if we don’t vote, we might as well have voted for the Democrat’, don’tchaknow?

Forget all that stuff about, you know, candidate qualities, and candidate stances – none of that makes any difference. 

A Republican candidate that’s pro-abortion? 

Vote for ‘em.

They’re for amnesty?

Vote for ‘em.

They’re for Obamacare?

Vote for ‘em.


Because they’ve got an ‘R’ behind their name, stupid!

Let’s make this next election a corrective election – by voting for the same old, same old in our Republican party.

Because, don’tchaknow, the only way to correct things is to do them the same way over…

…and over…

…and over again.

(* - these guys aren't the only ones pushing this kind of thinking - I just happened to be reading this particular article when I snapped)

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