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06 November, 2014

Can Of Worms

I think a Federal judge in Oregon just opened one up:
“The court finds that Secular Humanism is a religion for Establishment Clause purposes," Judge [Ancer] Haggerty wrote in his ruling last Thursday.
Now, the important phrase in there is ‘for Establishment Clause purposes’.

For the last few years, the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment has been used as a club by certain secular organizations – the Freedom from Religion Foundation, the American Humanists, and the ACLU, among others – to remove any and all religious references from public places, as well as to remove any and all teachings of any and all religions (save one, oddly enough) from the public education system, because, in their jurisprudence, a school in Backofthebeyond, Texas, by putting up a statue with a Bible verse on it, is somehow the same as Congress writing, passing, and having the President sign, a law saying Christianity is now the only allowable national faith.

Yeah, whodathunkit, huh, that a school somewhere was actually Congress?

Well, if the First Amendment Establishment Clause restricts any teaching of religion in our public schools, and it restricts the display of all things religious on public property … and, since Secular Humanism has now been Federally labeled for Establishment Clause purposes ... does it not, then, stand to reason that Secular Humanism now has no place in the public discourse, nor does it have any place being taught in public schools?  After all, we can’t be having an establishment of Secular Humanism now, can we?

Of course, as we’ve already seen, some religions are more religious than others (Islam being taught in schools without any complaints from the usual suspects, for instance), I can’t imagine the FFRF, ACLU, American Humanists, or any other of those groups raising a finger to stop the blatant establishment of religion wrought by the religion of Secular Humanism.

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