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12 November, 2014

Episcopalian Blasphemy

There was once a time when churches and the land they occupied was considered consecrated ground, holy to God.  This meant that no unGodly, un-Christian activities could occur there, on pain of condemnation, excommunication (should the actor be a fellow Christian) and, in some cases, death.  If something such as this occurred, there followed rituals (some elaborate) to cleanse the area of defilement and a re-consecration of the area to God.

Oh, how times have changed.

Back then Christians lived in awe and fear of God’s holiness, righteousness, and wrathful but fair justice, and tried their best not to offend.  And there are still some of us around, a remnant, if you will, who still wish to honor God by not deliberately desecrating things and places set aside to Him.

We seem, though, to be a dwindling commodity in the world today.  I say ‘seem’ because the blasphemers, idolaters, and heretics within the church today are the ones who end up monopolizing the ‘news’ agencies of the world.  Should true Christians find themselves on the news, it’s usually as something or someone to be mocked for being ‘backward’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘out of touch’, non-progressive, or just down right ‘mean’ for their stances on those things which the world – and the heretics within the church – applaud and give hearty approval.

The Episcopal Church-USA has been alternately praised and excoriated for disposing of both Bible truth and Christian traditions, mainly around its stance on homosexuality – ordaining open and active homosexuals to ministry, presiding over homosexual ‘marriages’, and the like; this stance has cost them great numbers of members, but hasn’t seemed at all to push the leadership to reassess its actions.

And now, from that same Episcopal Church-USA, the ultimate blasphemy:
Washington National Cathedral, known for presidential funerals and other major spiritual services, will host a Muslim prayer service for the first time Friday.
The leadership of the Episcopal Church is allowing a pagan worship service in the National Cathedral.


I want you to get past the fact that so far, Muslims have never allowed a pagan (in their eyes, Christian, Jewish, or any religion other than Islam) worship service in any of their mosques.  Get past the fact that, in the Middle East and Africa, Muslims are slaughtering Christians wholesale, burning their homes and churches, and will not allow those churches to be rebuilt or, if the structure still stands, be repaired. 

The heretics and blasphemers running the Episcopal Church are allowing a pagan worship service to defile a house of God.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Robert Spencer, writing over at Jihad Watch, tells us:
Legend has it that when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem in the year 637, Sophronius, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, invited the caliph Umar to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Umar declined, explaining that if he did, the Muslims would convert the church into a mosque, as Muslim prayers had been uttered there.
If you read any of Mr. Spencer’s writings – or those of Raymond Ibrahim, Daniel Greenfield, Pamela Geller and others – that ‘legend’ is based on provable facts.  Facts that either the leadership of the Episcopal Church are ignorant of, or are uncaring about.

We call it the National Cathedral.  Presidents are buried there.  National heroes are buried there.  It’s considered by many (though not, I’d wager, as many as earlier in our history) to be the beating heart of American Christianity.  It’s as recognizable as Notre Dame in Paris, St. Basil’s in Moscow, Westminster in London, and St. Peter’s in Rome.  The only difference is those are still churches; the National Cathedral is no longer, and hasn’t been for a long, long time.  It’s no longer a place to worship the holy God of heaven – it’s a place to worship the gods of this world. 

It’s a relic of bygone days, when Christians took their faith seriously.

I’m pleading with all the God-fearing Episcopalians in the United States: run.  Run from the heresy and blasphemy your leaders are inflicting upon you.  Run as fast as you can.

Because the fire which will consume them will consume you so long as you stand too close to them.

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