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10 December, 2014

Pontifex contempticus

Last Thursday, at the National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, Mr. Obama  said of the Christmas Story (no, not the movie):
“It is a story dear to my family as Christians, but its meaning is one embraced by all peoples across our country and around the world, regardless of how they pray, or whether they pray at all[.]”
Obviously, this ‘meaning’ isn’t the original one: the Incarnation of God on human form in a stable in Bethlehem of Judea around 2000 years ago; I say ‘obviously’ because it’s obvious the only people who share that meaning are called ‘Christians’ – Jews, Muslims, believers in other religions, atheists and anti-theists do not.

Once again, though, we see an example of the disdain and contempt our President seems to have regarding the Christian faith – a faith he himself professes, but which he seems quite unfamiliar with.  As the above-linked article details, the Administration is currently embroiled in ‘more than 100 lawsuits arguing that it is violating the free exercise of religion through regulations it has issued under the Affrodable (sic) Care Act – Obamacare – that force Christians to buy or provide health-insurance plans that cover abortion-inducing drugs and devices’.  The IRS targeting scandal that erupted included not only conservative groups but Christian groups as well.  The Administration, since 2009, when Mr. Obama took office, seems to have made it a priority to minimize reference to Christianity – even going so far as to eliminate Christian-sounding language in the President’s recitations of portions of our own founding documents – yet at the same time go out of its way to openly refer to a specific other major religion which I shall not name, openly celebrating its holidays and sending out official White house greetings on those days.

What probably is the most obvious way our current President shows his contempt and disdain for Christianity is his penchant to mangle, misuse, misinterpret, or outright make up Scripture to suit his own ends.  I will grant that many politicians will quote the Bible – and many will quote it out of context – in order to make a point, but the flippancy with which our sitting President does so is stunning.

Take, for example, this one:
“The Good Book says don’t throw stones at glass houses, or make sure we’re looking at the log in our eye before we are pointing out the mote in other folks’ eyes,” Obama said during a speech in Nashville, Tennessee, as he was justifying his recent executive action granting amnesty for up to 5 million illegal aliens.
Which ‘Good Book’ did the stones and glass houses come from?  It certainly didn’t come from the Bible (as, honestly, hundreds of people have pointed out on Twitter, on blogs, on on-line news sites … you name it, they’re all over it).

Personally, I’ll give him the sloppy rendering of Matthew 7:3-5.

Then, as Mr. Kovacs (and lots of others) point out, Mr. Obama tries conflating the story of Joseph and Mary’s trip to Bethlehem as somehow being like illegal aliens, when, in fact, all they were doing is moving from their current residence to Joseph’s familial Bethlehem hometown because the government demanded it.   I noted in an earlier blog post that about the closest thing you could come to somehow combining Joseph, Mary, Jesus, and illegal alienhood would be their escape from Herod and his slaughter of the infants in Bethlehem; they entered Egypt and remained there until Herod died – then they went back home.

Now, I used the terms ‘contempt’ and ‘disdain’ when speaking of the President’s words and actions concerning Christianity.  I used them because I, for one, do not believe Mr. Obama is stupid, which would be one reason he so consistently bollixes up Bible quotes.  No, he isn’t stupid, and nor does he believe – as Jonathan Gruber apparently believes – that the American people are stupid, at least not when it comes to the Bible; I think Mr. Obama knows all too well that when he misrepresents Scripture, there will be many, many people calling him out on it.

I think, however, the terms ‘contempt’ and ‘disdain’ ought to be broadened beyond his attitude toward Christianity.  I believe, based on his words and actions (particularly in his most recent tree-lighting address) that his disdain and contempt stretches to everyone who is not Barack Hussein Obama.  And in that, he is little different than a Jonathan Gruber or a Nancy Pelosi or a Harry Reid or a … well, pick your Progressive Leftie.

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