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20 January, 2015

On Hypocrisy

There’ve been an awful lot of accusations of hypocrisy being leveled against the Western media outlets which have chosen not to publish the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo; we saw the same thing after Jyllands-Posten published the originals.

If Western media wishes to not be seen as hypocritical, they could, perhaps, try two things.

First, they ought to stop with the incessant labeling of the religion-which-needs-no-introduction as a ‘religion of peace’.  Recent history, as well as past history (extending back to the seventh century AD) shows that for the lie that it is.  They, themselves, don’t believe that ‘religion of peace’ nonsense: they have no problem publishing images offensive to Christianity, Judaism, and other religions, and a blind person can see why – none of them have gunned down news-people or blown up news buildings when they’ve been offended.  This pretty much proves their reticence is based on the fear of physical retribution.

They can also cease with the nonsense notion that ‘all religions are basically the same’.  Again, their actions reveal they don’t believe that lie: they treat one particular religion with deference bordering on obeisance, while other religions are fair game.  If they truly believed all religions were the same, they would treat them all the same.  They don’t, and, again, even a blind person can see why – fear of physical retribution.

Now, some people have accused Western media of cowardice because they choose not to publish the cartoons.

Let’s play pretend, okay?

You’re the editor in chief of a newspaper with about 1200 employees, half of whom are in the building on any given day at any given hour.  Knowing what you know of  Charlie Hebdo, and Jyllands-Posten, and other reactions of the religion-which-needs-no-introduction, and remembering what a truckload of fertilizer-based explosive did to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, how willing are you to risk the lives of six hundred of your employees – and who-knows-how-many people in the streets – to make a point?

Cowardice?  Or prudence?

And by the way, those Western media outlets that are being accused of not defending the First Amendment and freedom of speech?  They are defending it because they’re exercising it – by choosing the freedom not to publish the cartoons.

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