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31 March, 2015


So, Tim Cook, homosexual CEO of Apple Inc., is upset over Indiana's and Arkansas' religious freedom acts; he decries them as '“dangerous,” and the sure path to a semblance of “days of segregation and discrimination marked by ‘Whites Only’ signs on shop doors, water fountains and restrooms.”'  He also bloviates:
Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open.  Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love.  Regardless of what the law might allow in Indiana and Arkansas, we will never tolerate discrimination (emphasis mine)
Except, apparently, when it comes to making a buck:  Tim Cook doesn't have a problem, apparently, doing business in countries which can – and do punish homosexuals with death.

Yep.  A religious freedom act, modeled after the one Bill Clinton signed into law in 1993, with comparative laws in at least nineteen other states, which has generated (to my knowledge - and I'm sure if it had happened, it would be on an endless loop at MSNBC and CNN) zero 'No-homosexuals' signs on shop doors, water fountains, and restrooms, is awfulterriblecannotstand, but selling your product to people who hang homosexuals from cranes and toss them off rooftops isn't problematic?

There's an App for that.  It's under 'H'.

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