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10 April, 2015

Why Isn't It?

Why are the items in the basket in that picture to the right (click on it to make it bigger) 'not a chicken', as Planned Parenthood (courtesy of LifeNews, hat tip Weasel Zippers) apparently wants us to believe.

I mean, why specifically 'not a chicken'?  Why not 'not a crocodile'?  Or 'not a platypus'?  or 'not a king salmon'?  Or 'not a duck'?

Because everybody knows those are chicken eggs.  Everybody knows they come from chickens.  Everybody knows when they hatch a little baby chicken comes out.

And they know because eggs are so specific in color, texture, and size they can be used all by themselves to identify the type of bird or reptile or fish which laid them.

Which means that the egg itself is associated with the organism which laid them; in short, the egg is the organism.

So those are chickens.

Just like they want to you believe that a chicken egg – an unborn chicken, if you will – isn't actually a chicken, they want you to believe that an unborn person isn't actually a person.  But by saying those eggs are 'not a chicken', they're simply denying what everyone else already knows – they are chickens.

Unborn chickens. 

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