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31 May, 2015

He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

This is why you don't take 'government cheese'.
ALERT: Obama Announces What He’ll Force Christians Across America to Do (hat tip Conservative Tribune)

President Barack Obama has shown time and again that he cares not for the cultural or religious traditions of a majority of Americans, what with his “fundamental transformation” and all, and isn’t above using the force of government to change those traditions.

Take for example an executive order he issued last year that amended an order from former President Lyndon Johnson dealing with non-discrimination practices by federal contractors to include protections for “sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Obama has been preparing to broaden that order to cover not just those who receive federal contracts, but all who receive federal grants as well, even if the grant recipient is a faith-based organization.

There are approximately 50 grant recipients for every one federal contractor, so this order has a broad sweep.

Essentially, Obama intends to force faith-based organizations that receive federal grant money to accept applications from members of the LGBT community, despite their possible moral and religious objections. (emphasis mine)
Apparently, nobody's learned from what happened to Catholic Charities.

Faith-based groups, including churches, had best prepare themselves for things like this. As long as the government has a financial interest in your endeavor – grant money, tax-exemption, what-have-you – they will try to call the shots on how you do things, and threaten to take away the money they've provided.

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