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06 May, 2015

No Other Gods

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to this article.  Now, while the idea of suing every homosexual on Earth is goofy (simply because it'll never happen), one sentence jumped out at me (emphasis mine):

According to court records, the planet-spanning suit accuses gay people of breaking “religious and moral laws” and tasks the presiding judge to declare whether or not homosexuality is a sin.
It jumped out at me because, frankly, isn't that what's been happening in every one of the cases we've seen where a Christian is in the dock for refusing to violate their beliefs over homosexual marriage?

The God of the Judeo-Christian tradition has denounced homosexuality as a sin.

Christians are bound by obedience to God to not just abstain from sin, but to speak against it and to rebuke it, and not to participate in the celebration of sin.

Providing services of any kind for a homosexual wedding is participation in sin – it is 'giving hearty approval' to sinful behavior.

The Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment states that there will be no governmental interference in the exercise of anyone's religious beliefs, private and public.  This secures the right Christians and other religious people have to abstain from engaging in or supporting sinful behaviors – such as homosexual marriage and abortion and any other sin you can think of.

And judges know this – I simply cannot believe they're ignorant of the Free Exercise Clause, simply because they've been beaten on the head with it in every case of this kind which has gone to court.

They haven't really been able to convince anybody that the Free Exercise Clause stops where business begins, so something else is going on here.

The judiciary has done a masterful job saying that sin isn't sin, haven't they?  Divorce isn't a sin (it is); adultery isn't a sin (it is); murdering the innocent (abortion) isn't a sin (it is); nothing is a sin in the eyes of the judiciary – oh, some things are illegal, but that doesn't make them a sin in the eyes of the judges.

And now they're working on denying the sinfulness of homosexuality, and Christians (and others) are fighting back.  If they can deny the sinfulness of homosexuality, every argument Christians and other people of faith have against supporting and approving of it collapses.

What judges have done – and are still doing – is placing themselves on the throne of God, making themselves gods in His stead.  And what this lady is demanding is for this judge to publicly and formally declare that God must take a back seat to the rules of men.

That never ends well.  Just ask Satan.

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