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11 May, 2015

No Wonder They Mock

Why wouldn't people point fingers and laugh at the church's stand on marriage (and other things) when this kind of thing happens:
Megachurch preacher Paula White has married rock and roll star Jonathan Cain, making the occasion both her and Cain’s third marriage.
Bible-believing Christians will note one problem right off the bat: Scripture does not allow women to be pastors of churches; Paula White is already disobedient to the word of God, so why would anyone think she'd be obedient in much else?

Second: Ms White is twice-divorced, thrice-married, making her a serial adulterer.  How do I know?  Because her husband, Randy White, is still alive, and is still a preacher at their former church, Without Walls International in Tampa, and there's no mention of an extramarital affair anywhere in the article.  As Bible-believing Christians know, the only reason for divorce given by our Lord Jesus is sexual infidelity, and should a divorce occur, the only way to keep it from becoming adultery is for the couple to remarry or for both to remain single.

Third, the man she's marrying – Jonathan Cain – is also on his third marriage after two divorces, making him also a serial adulterer.

It's bad enough we have this sort of thing – serial adultery – within the body of Christ itself; when it occurs among church leadership, it's worse.  All the accusations of 'hypocrisy' rise up, and they're true – they cannot be denied with a straight face.

The church has allowed this to happen to itself, and it will get no better unless the church knuckles down and starts obeying their Lord.

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