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14 June, 2015

Inclusion Through Exclusion

Not from The Onion:
Officials at the University of Oklahoma have announced plans to enhance inclusivity on campus by building a separate-but-equal student lounge which will segregate gay, lesbian and transgender students by themselves.
That's right, folks; a group calling itself "Queer Inclusion on Campus" apparently believes they can best emphasize inclusion of LGBTQ students in campus life by creating 'safe spaces' which would exclude any non- LGBTQ students:
“It’s going to be huge,” [OU senior Alexander] Ruggiers also explained. “I think it’s going to be used for a number of things, one, to have a sense of community, something that LGBTQ students have never had before.”
Don't try to figure out how separating the LGBTQ students from the rest of the campus population is going to give them a sense of community within the student body – that kind of thing only works in the la-la land of higher education.
Steering a bunch of gay students into one convenient place will also mean less harassment, predicted OU student David Martin.
At least until they come out of that 'one convenient place and start mingling with the rest of the college community.

Now, I want you think think, for a moment, about this scenario: the college announces that, in order to reduce harassment of the LGBTQ students on campus, they will be creating segregated housing, dining, study, and other facilities specifically and only for the use of LGBTQ students.

How loud do you think the howls of 'prejudice' and 'homophobia' would have been from the LGBTQ crowd?

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