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04 March, 2016

Who's To Blame?

Welcome, once again, to the silly season, folks, when Americans try to decide who the next President is going to be.

With Donald Trump pulling the lion's share of the delegates so far (and even though he's not pulling 50%, he's still, individually, garnering more support than any other individual Republican candidate), I've been hearing and reading a lot of sentiments in the following vein:
It is the GOP establishment which is primarily responsible for the rise of Trump. It is their fault by pushing RINOs and moderates for so long, frustrating the wishes of real conservatives and real Republicans.
Consider, for a moment, the notion that we are a Constitutional, representative republic. This means we, the people, choose those men and women who will be our voices in our national government (as well as state and local governments).

If this is so, who is it, exactly, who has continually supported those very same RINOs in each and every election? That's right – we, the people.

You might say, well, nobody ever runs against our RINO during the primaries. Shall we blame the GOP establishment for that, or should we rather blame the conservatives and 'real Republicans' who shy away from challenging the incumbent? You might imagine, with the levels of discontent being voiced among conservatives and 'real Republicans', that there'd be a host of angry right hunters clamoring to take down a RINO, yet when the tickets are being given out for the safari, those folks are nowhere to be seen.

Why? Probably a host of reasons, the two biggest being lack of funding and lack of real support to face the RINO. Both of these can – and should – be addressed by the same people who are complaining about the RINO and demanding something be done about him (or her).

If it's the GOP establishment's fault for the rise of Trump, then it's the peoples' fault for continuing to elect, unchallenged, those very same RINOS.

Be the non-RINO candidate in your local elections. If that's not possible, support the non-RINO candidate in your local elections.

Remember, the government we get is the government we voted for.

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