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19 January, 2017

Inaccurate Information

National Review: The divinity schools at Duke and Vanderbilt Universities have instructed their professors to start using more “inclusive” language when referring to God because the masculine pronouns “have served as a cornerstone of the patriarchy.”

For example: This year’s divinity course catalogue at Vanderbilt tells professors to give “consistent attention to the use of inclusive language, especially in relation to the Divine,” because the school “commits continuously and explicitly to include gender as an analyzed category and to mitigate sexism.”
Ms Timph blows a serious hole in this notion with two simple sentences:
[I]f we are talking about the Christian God, every single reference to Him in the Bible uses a masculine pronoun . . . which kind of gives you the vibe that Christians have decided that their god is a dude. The fact is, teaching anything else would be giving inaccurate information …
Other than Christians deciding God is male (that was actually decided in Genesis 1:5), she's spot-on.

Passing on inaccurate information as accurate is commonplace these days: 'fake news', 'historical revisionism', 'political correctness' and so on tend to take accuracy and shove it down the memory-hole. The reason is simple: accurate information, more often than not, doesn't fit the narrative someone wants to push. In our example above, the narrative is 'we need to fight the patriarchy, so we need to remove all evidences of masculine pronouns'.

As far as the Bible is concerned, the effort to strip it of its gender-specific pronouns has been a battle long-waged, utilizing 'gender-neutral' and 'God-as-a-woman/agender deity' specialty Bibles and forced 'inclusive language' to 'mitigate sexism' so fragile egos will not be bruised.

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