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08 May, 2017

Dust on your Bible

Perhaps the 'good' bishop should actually crack her Bible open and read it.
An openly lesbian United Methodist bishop whose election was recently declared a violation of church law says that she does not want to see a schism in her denomination over its debate on homosexuality.

For the past several years, the United Methodist Church has experienced intense internal issues over the debate on whether the Mainline Protestant church should change its stance against homosexuality.

Bishop Karen Oliveto told National Public Radio in an interview on Sunday that she would not like to see the denomination split apart over the debate.

"I would hate to see schism. And here's why: I believe that there are essentials, and John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, said there's essentials that we must agree on. And they are things like our understanding of the Holy Trinity, the role of sacraments," said Oliveto.

"And then there are opinions, which we can disagree on and still live together with. And I think we've raised the opinion — our opinion on human sexuality and homosexuality — to an essential. (emphasis mine)"
Actually, ma'am, human opinion on homosexuality means nothing – God's opinion does, and He seems pretty clear regarding His opposition to homosexuality.

In fact, if you want to know God's opinion on pretty much anything and everything, He's favored us with that information in writing.

It's called the Bible.

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